“Comparatively few people care anything for art and when they do, it is because they have confused it with something else.”

–Harold Balazs, 1997

Harold Balazs Certified cover artNEW BOOK: Harold Balazs Certified includes highlights, stories, drawings, sketches, and personal commentary from the renowned artist.

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Explore the art work of Harold Balazs, including his famous enamels, prints and sculptures found throughout the Northwest and the world. Harold Balazs Art features gallery views to explore along with opportunities to buy select artworks and education.

Take a photo of your favorite Balazs and add it to the collection. We’re continually archiving Harold’s work in appreciation of his unique and ever-lasting contribution to the world.  Balazs is one of the most important American artists of the last 100 years and deservedly so.  Few have produced such a variety and quantity of work all the while offering real, satirical, beautiful and genuine insights into the human existence and often, the silliness within which we live.

Harold passed away December 30, 2017 at his home in Mead, Washington at the age of 89.  Additional details can be found in our About/Articles section.